Another successful McGuire course in London.

The latest London McGuire course give another 18 people the tools to control their speech. Also special praise to the amazing graduates on our programme.

McGuire Course Instructor Alan Wyatt doing a Public Speech in Wembley, London.

McGuire Course Instructor Alan Wyatt doing a Public Speech in Wembley, London.

18 dedicated new students decided to join the McGuire Programme on the recent course in Wembley, London.

The course was run by Alan Wyatt and organised by Toqeer Gaffar, both doing a great job.

Praise must go to the returning graduates on the programme as without them we simply cannot run these courses.

Many graduates ran sessions, did speeches and worked one to one with a new student for the first time. Returning graduates are the backbone of the programme and having that first coaching experience can give the graduate a personal lift and take them to the next level with their own speech. Hopefully many of the returning graduates took a lot of positives away from the course.

Also attending this course was returning graduates Tom Battelley and Debbie Rasaki who featured on the recent successful McGuire Documentary 'Stammer School'. Both worked hard on their own speech and watched the documentary together during the course. Debbie even left the course on the Thursday to attend the ITV Studio's to speak live on 'This Morning' with graduate Vicky Croft and Course Instructor Rich Whincup.

Such courage for someone so new to the programme and an inspiration to others.

So here we are with 18 new students who now have the breathing techniques and tools to be able to tackle any speaking situation with control. This programme does not only focus on a breathing technique to lay a strong speaking foundation but everyone involved in the programme has a stammer and know how it 'feels' to lose control of your stammer.

Many in the past suffered from feelings of isolation, shame and embarrassment. McGuire graduates teach the tools to new students to 'reduce the fear of stammering' and tackle all those past negative thoughts and feelings.

To wake up in the morning and not have to worry about having to avoid words, sounds or situations is such a amazing feeling, especially if this has held people back in past life. At least for those 18 new students, with the use of the world wide support network, they can have that control that they have always wanted.