Bournemouth Course 21-25 October

Another brilliant course in Bournemouth where 17 new students showed courage and commitment to come through the 4 days and join our programme.

McGuire Programme's Ruth O'Connell during her role as Course Instructor Intern in Bournemouth 21-25 October.

The latest course in the UK was held in Bournemouth and run by Ruth O'Connell and Terry Cardwell.  This was Ruth's first time instructing although you would never have thought it!  She chose the experienced Terry Cardwell as her partner and what a duo it was.  Ruth ran most of the course showing a natural ability to lead people on the journey to controlled speech.  Her passion for helping people who stutter was evident as she managed to find the balance of putting all the new students at ease and setting the directions required to succeed on the programme.  Terry stepped in whenever needed and gave perfect feedback when required.  He is such a great person for any instructor intern to rely on.  

We started with 17 nervous new students on the Wednesday night with many showing obvious covert tendencies.  The course took off well on the Thursday with many newer graduates taking on the role of a course in supporting the new students.    Its great for the newer graduates to take on such responsibility as it gives them more belief in themselves and helps them take another step forward in their own speech development.  There were also lots of split sessions on this course so the returning graduates could work on other areas of their speech separate from the new ones.

All 17 new students showed the courage and commitment required, taking all the techniques on board and practiced them throughout the course.  The Saturday is always the day where the new students let go and have fun speaking as they put all the components of the technique together.  They did really well in pushing out their comfort zones and by the Saturday night the atmosphere was totally different from the Wednesday evening.

The Sunday going home speeches were delivered so brilliantly by all the new students and graduates who stayed until the end to support and encourage the new students.  Of course the course was brilliantly run by Ruth and Terry but our programme could not be run without the returning graduates who came back on the courses to not only help themselves but to support the new students in their first important steps on the McGuire Programme.  

Special thanks must also go to the Course Organiser, Shiama Balendra who supported me with the bookings before the course and worked tirelessly to make sure the course could run so smoothly.  She was such a brilliant organiser who took to the role with ease.   We were also lucky to have parents help us out through the course, making sure water was handed out and some of them coming forward to speak at the family and friends session.  A big thanks to all involved, a course to remember!!  

Matt Wilton, Regional Director, UK South.