Bristol Course another great success

The latest McGuire course in the UK was held in Bristol. 18 new students joined the programme and Staff Training was also held during this event.

Coaches showing the new students how to work on a deep and breathy tone.


The Bristol course this June was another great success.   This was a smaller course than we have had for a while which gave many strong graduates the opportunity to step up and help coach the 18 new students and graduates that needed support.  Natalie Perry did a great job as courses organiser and this was proven with no problems during the hotel check in.  Natalie supported Matt Wilton in making sure the course ran smoothly and her speech set a great example to others.

Again there were lots of under 18's on this course and all who started the course showed the maturity required to do well.   The oldest new student was 67 showing that age is no barrier, its how much you want to learn how to control your stammer.   A magical buzz was created by the inspiring instructor duo of Ruth O'Connell and Greig Goldman.    They both worked so well together and that showed with the atmosphere they created.

This was the most emotional course we have ran for a while with many new students stunned at just how much they can break down the fear of stammering while attended an intensive course.   The key is to sustain this long term by practicing all the techniques taught.   It also key that all the new students (now graduates) use the support network on offer and keep in regular contact with their coaches.

Staff Training was also held during the weekend of the course with many candidates attending the first few days of the course.   Richard Hopkins-Smith and Jessie Stride got in some good practce as they ran the graduate afternoon on the Thursday also inviting toastmasters from Bristol to attend the help challenge the graduates speech.   This proved a great success and a massive thank you to them all.

Clairemarie McGrath, Matt Richarsson and Ashley Guerin ran the brillient Staff Training with many interesting and important sessions for the candidates.  Producting the best coaches and instructors on the programme is so important and all the candidastes who sttended did a great job during the two days.  They all had to take exams and speak under pressure and we look forward to receiving the results of their training soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended the weekend and make this so special.