Bristol course, ending 2017 in the UK South with a bang!!

The Bristol course in October was a great way to end 2017 in the UK South.   10 new students joined the programme all showing the commitment and determination to learn the techqniues to control their speech.   Many of the new students who joined have great potential to do well on the programme showing a great attitude.  There was a great turnout of graduates on the course coming to work on their own speech but also to support the new students.   Jennifer Vaughan and Michael Joyes were an amazing instructor partnership showing a great balance of fun and discipline.   Jessie Stride's unique personality shone though in her role as course organiser, spending time chatting to every participant and making sure everyone was great behind the scenes.  As well as the main focus on new students, their was also lots of sessions for graduates for focus on taking their own speech to a new level.  All 10 new students are currently doing well pushing out their comfort zones in the real world and using all the coaches for support on a regular basis.

It was International Stuttering Awareness Day on the Sunday of the course so the group posted a live video on the McGuire GB facebook page showing all the remaining people on the course saying that they stammer and some fact about themselves.    This was done with the aim of showing people that you dont have to be defined by having a stutter.    This has gone down well around the world wiith UNILAD one of a few who have it on their facebook pages.   So far the footage has been seen by over 2 million people.