Dundee Course, 11th-15th November 2015

Tenth consecutive McGuire Programme UK North course in The Best Western Queens Hotel in Dundee, Scotland. First solo instruction for Alex Todd. Sixtieth McGuire Programme course directed by Iain Mutch. Course designed to take people who stammer Beyond Stuttering. Stammering can be transformed into articulate and eloquent speech. Stuttering can be controlled and speaking can become enjoyable.

McGuire Programme.  Beyond Stuttering.  Stammer.  Stutter.  Stammering.  Stuttering.

Course Instructor, Alex Todd, leading a session during the McGuire Programme stuttering therapy course in Dundee, Scotland.  New students and graduates of the Programme are focussed and disciplined as they work to control and master their stutters.

Another landmark course for the UK North region of the McGuire Programme.  The first course in Dundee was held in the Best Western Queens Hotel in Dundee in 2006.  There has been a course in the Tayside City of Discovery every year since.  This year saw the McGuire Programme stuttering therapy course return to the city of Dundee for the tenth consecutive time.  The hotel has had a few renovations - the bar area has been redecorated and renamed.  Overall though, the hotel is still the same as ever.  Comfortable and homely with staff who are supportive of what the McGuire Programme does and of how we help people who stutter to control and conquer their stuttering difficulties.

This year's Dundee course was instructed by Alex Todd.  It was Alex's first opportunity to instruct a course on his own.  Alex comes from Gorebridge, just outside of Edinburgh, so it was fitting he should instruct the annual McGuire Programme course in the country of his birth: Scotland.  The course was quite small but very intense and disciplined.  Time keeping and being focussed and concentrated on the task in hand is vital in order to progress and defeat your stutter.  The new students were very committed and worked hard over the four days of the course.  McGuire Programme courses are physically demanding, especially on the Thursday.  They can be emotionally and psychologically challenging too.  People who stammer have had many negative experiences over the years connected directly to the fact that communication and expressing themselves was impossible or very difficult.  Many of these emotional and psychological issues come to the surface during McGuire Programme courses.  Dundee 2015 was no different and a number of people found the course difficult at times.  Alex led a small but effective and experienced team over the four days of the course.  All the new students did well and achieved their aims to be in control and equipped with the weapons they will need in the future to put the fight to their stammers.

Another landmark on the Dundee 2015 course was it was the sixtieth course directed by the UK North Regional Director, Iain Mutch.  From the first course directed in Newcastle upon Tyne in September 2002, the other fifty-nine courses were in Wales, Northern England, Scotland, The Netherlands and Belgium.  There will be many more to come.  2016 will see McGuire Programme UK North stuttering therapy courses in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and back to Dundee in October.