Importance of Family and Friends

Family and Friends are an important part of our support network. Find out why and how they can get a better understanding of how to help our McGuire Graduates.

It’s really important that the family and friends of graduates on the McGuire Programme receive the support that they need to be able to support their loved ones. In the UK South, (as well as handouts) we also invite family and friends to attend the 11am Sunday morning session during the course so we can explain what they have been through and how best to support them. Lets face it, its hard enough for the new students themselves to fully understand what they have been through so explaining this to family and friends in just an hour is not easy.

The Family and Friends sessions are, if possible run by a fluent speaker (usually Sandra Wyatt who is graduate Alan Wyatt’s wife). This is then coming from a fluent speakers perspective of how best to support the McGuire graduate. We also have a McGuire graduate attend this session to help explain about how they have managed to control their speech, the structure of the course, techniques involved and the worldwide support network which we pride ourselves on.

Obviously fluent speakers have no idea how it ‘feels’ to stammer but we can do all we can to help them have the best understanding possible. We also have a family and friends phone list so that people can call a fellow fluent speaker for advice and support if needed. I am also available whenever required to answer any questions and support you all as much as I can.

Graduates family and friends are also welcome to attend any future course for as long as possible to see for themselves what happens during the 4 days and how incredible the programme really is. Its also good for us to have help during the course as the breathing technique means that we get through a lot of water and any help handing this out during the course is well appreciated.
I hope to see many family and friends of graduates on more courses in the future.

Matt Wilton
Regional Director
UK South