London Support Network

Another reason the support network is so successful for members of the programme.

London Support Group Presentation Workshop
Following the success of the Interview Workshop earlier in the year, London Support Group put their members through a different test in the form of a presentation workshop on Wed 1st Nov. The aim of the workshop was to challenge participants with different presentation styles, with the added twist of non-McGuire people coming along to be assessors for the evening, ask challenging questions and provide feedback.
The workshop ran as three separate stations with 5 McGuire members in each group and 2-3 assessors. Each station was a different presentation type and consisted of the participants giving a 5 minute presentation, including questions at the end. The assessors then provided feedback to each participant at the end, on areas of strength and where they could improve. The stations were then rotated so that each group then had a different set of assessors each time.
The first presentation type was the "Prepared" presentation. The participants were sent the title of this presentation beforehand - "What's been your biggest speaking achievement since joining the McGuire Programme". The second was the "Impromptu" presentation, where the participant picked a topic out of a hat with some prompts underneath to give them things to focus on. Finally, the last was the "Sales Pitch", where participant picked items out of a bag and then had to sell that item to the rest of the group.
All in all, it was a great evening with the McGuire participants getting lots out of it. The quality of the presentations were excellent and its fair to say the assessors were blown away by them!  Lokesh Mahajan.