London, Wembley course, another great success.

A year and a half ago Laura Ludmany did her first McGuire course. It took her 5 minutes to say her own name during her first day speech. It took Laura a while to get used to using the McGuire technqiues and breaking down that fear but with lots of hard work and decidation she began to speak with control. No more having her brother to speak for her, she gained her own identity with speech and had moved from strength to strength. 3 months ago Laura became a coach on the programme and in the last week she was amazing in her role as course organiser on the London, Wembley course.

The course was run by the brilliant duo of Matthew Richardson and Greig Goldman. 16 new graduates have joined our programme from this course and they were supported by a large amount of coaches and graduates throughout the 4 days. Having the support of such strong returning graduates really helps to make the course successful. See Laura Ludmany doing her Public Speech last Saturday at Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, London.