London, Wembley Feb 4-8

Another brilliant course was held in the Holiday Inn, Wembley recently with 21 new students joining our programme.

People listening to the Public Speaking in Wembley

Another great course was held in the Holiday Inn, Wembey with 21 new students joining our programme.  This was a larger course than usual so we managed to arrange a larger room to suit our requirments.  Space is very important as lots of one to one coaching is required so we can get the new students used to the new breathing and many techniques which are required to control their stutter and reduce fear.  Nearly 100 people attended on the Thursday with more arriving over the weekend as graduates can join us at any point during the course.   Angie Allbones and Shaun Pope were the course instructors and were the inspirational lead role with so many graduates stepping up to help coach new students.  Without the graduates we would not be able to run the courses so it was brilliant to have so many strong speakers wanted to come and help out.    Many potential future coaches and instructors.   Coming back on course not only helps the programme run but it also gives more belief and confidence to the individual.  Katie Toulmin did an excellent job as course organiser, keeping ahead of the game and sorting out any issues that may arrise.    The public speaking on Saturday was very moving with 21 keen new speakers who found their voice and facing their fear of speaking.   Everyone of the new students left the course feeling confidence and in control and this has carried on in the first 2 weeks since going home with people finding their feet in the real world and taking control of more and more speaking situations.  Our support netowork is second to none and hopefully all the new students will keep using this to help them in the weeks and years to come.