The McGuire Programme course returns to Manchester after 13 years

The McGuire Programme UK North course, 23rd-27th April 2014, returned to Manchester for the first time in 13 years. The course was held in the same hotel and was instructed by Matthew Richardson, the same person who instructed the last Manchester course in January 2001. The McGuire Programme offers a really effective, sustainable approach to help people who stutter to become eloquent and articulate speakers.

Public speaking challenge for people who stutter on the McGuire Programme course in Manchester, April 2014

Matthew Richardson speaking to the public in St Ann's Square, Manchester, Saturday 26th April 2014. The last time he did this at this location was during the McGuire Programme course in Manchester in January 2001.

Matthew Richardson attended his first McGuire Programme course in March 1996 in Glasgow. Back then, Matthew stammered severely and was unable to hide the fact that he stuttered. The course in Glasgow was immediately very effective for him and he has now maintained and sustained his freedom of speech for eighteen years.

In January 2001 a McGuire Programme course was arranged for the first time in Manchester. The course was held at the Britannia Sachas Hotel and Matthew Richardson was chosen as the Course Instructor. On the Saturday afternoon of the course everyone participated in the public speaking challenge in St Ann's Square in Manchester city centre. For people who stammer, public speaking is often a highly feared situation (as it is for most people who do not stutter). The techniques and methods taught on the course ensure that the public speaking challenge is a very achievable goal and controlled, eloquent, articulate speech can be enjoyed, and the fears and apprehensions can be overcome. Once a person who stutters experiences the public speaking challenge a massive psychological barrier is removed. If a person can do the public speaking challenge and enjoy the experience then day to day speaking situations become less challenging too.

In April 2014 the McGuire Programme returned to Manchester. The course was held in the same hotel and thirteen years later, Matthew Richardson also came along to instruct the course. Eleven new students attended the Manchester course. On the Wednesday evening all displayed various stammering behaviours. Some were very covert and hid their stammer . Some were very overt and it was obvious to everyone that they stuttered. By the Saturday afternoon all were in control of their stammers. Again, the public speaking challenge was held in St Ann's Square. All of the new students successfully completed the challenge in front of the large, supportive and appreciative crowd in Manchester city centre.

The new students did amazingly well in Manchester. They now have all they need to sustain and maintain their progress for the rest of their lives. Who knows? Maybe some of us will be attending another McGuire Programme course in Manchester in 2027?