McGuire Programme partners with Beatbox & Sun

Soapbox and Sons is a creative, collaborative network organised by Jenny Theolin. She recently ran a night in London "Beatbox & Sun" where she kindly dedicated the event to help raise awareness of the Programme and stuttering in general.

Beatbox & Sun + The McGuire Programme

We were very humbled when the lovely Jenny from the brand experience company Soapbox and Sons came to us to dedicate their latest event 'Beatbox and Sun' to The McGuire Programme.

Beatbox and Sun was a collaborative event themed around 'communication' – music was provided by some of the World's most reknowned beatboxers, as well as an eclectic collection of original artworks created by artists, illustrators and designers with all proceeds in aid of the McGuire Programme. 

All the work can be found here. And FOR SALE here.

Big thank you to everybody involved, and a special thank you to Jenny from Soapbox and Sun and Behind The Beats for holding this unique event and helping to spread awareness of our programme.