New Year Resolve at London Support Group

As my New Year resolution is to work harder on my speech, I attended the London Support Group and found others with similar resolve.

The London Support Group

The London Support Group - January 2014

New Year's are full of good intentions - but good intentions must be followed by positve actions or it's all just hot air. With this in mind, I made my way down to St. Gabriels Hall in Pimlico for the London Support Group.

McGuire Programme Support Groups happen all around the world in many regions, generally on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and they are a forum where McGuire Programme Graduates can practice their speech, ask advice or challenge themselves running sessions.

I also find that Support Groups - having previously attended regularly in Belfast - are always full of friendly faces and fun. It's an opportunity to celebrate recent speech success or confess recent difficulty. Either way, there's always something to be learned or some real world advice to take away into your next speaking situation.

To attend McGuire Programme Support Groups, you must first attend an intensive course - click to see the full list of upcoming courses or apply online.