Newcastle course, March 2015

Final UK McGuire Programme instruction for Course Instructor Chris Cooksey at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, March 2015.

McGuire Programme Beyond Stuttering Beyond Stammering Stutter Stammer

Chris Cooksey instructing to a disciplined room full of new students and graduates of the McGuire Programme at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, March 2015.

Everyone involved in the McGuire Programme is a person who has experienced and lived with a stutter.  No-one is a fluent speaker.  We are all people who decided to do something about our stutter and came on a McGuire Programme course to learn how to control our stutter and to move beyond stuttering to become articulate and eloquent speakers.  Some people made that life changing decision many years ago; others have only recently embarked on the journey to permanently change their stuttering behaviours.

The first McGuire Programme UK North region course of 2015 was recently held at the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Sixteen brave new students decided to complete the course and begin their journey from stuttering, with all the associated blocks, freezing, struggle, distortion, tricks and avoidance behaviours, to controlled, powerful, non-avoiding, eloquent speech.  About seventy graduates of the McGuire Programme also returned to the course over the four days to help themselves and to offer support and advice to the new students.

This year's course was instructed by Chris Cooksey.  Chris attended his first McGuire Programme course in Bournemouth in 2002.  Over the next twelve years he has attended many courses, in the UK and overseas.  He became a coach on the programme and also began to instruct courses.  Chris stuttered for 45 years before he came on the McGuire Programme.  Uniquely amongst stuttering therapies, any graduate of the McGuire Programme, if they work hard, can get to the position of instructing courses.  Chris Cooksey has now instructed many courses - in the UK, Spain, Dubai, Mexico and the USA.  He announced before the Newcastle course that it would be his last instruction in the UK.  There are many up and coming, young, highly motivated and keen potential instructors on the McGuire Programme in the UK.  Chris feels he should stand aside and let others have a chance to change people's lives and teach them how to control their stutters.  Chris has not fully retired from instructing McGuire Programme courses though!  Later this year he will be helping people who stutter by instructing courses in Dubai and Toronto in Canada.