Stammer School: Former Crispin School pupil helps Educating Yorkshire star

As featured on Channel 4 - Stammer School.

Stammer School

Matt Wilton (left) with the students from Stammer School

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THE work of a former Crispin School pupil, whose life was once dominated by his stammer and lack of confidence,was featured on Channel 4's Stammer School.

Matt Wilton, of Keinton Mandeville, was so conscious of his stammer that he was convinced he would never be able to speak on the telephone.

But now he runs the UK branch of the McGuire Programme, a control method created for people who stutter, run by people who stutter.

It will be the subject of Stammer School, which shows the programme helping five students take control of their stammering.

Among them are Musharaf 'Mushy' Asghar, the teenager who stole viewers' hearts in the Channel 4 reality series Educating Yorkshire last year when he overcame his severe stammer to address the school's assembly.

Although his stammer has improved, he is still often left speechless, and the documentary shows him, and others following the McGuire Programme, as they attempt to overcome this huge stumbling block in their lives.

"It shows one of our instructor, Rich Whincup, teaching four people how to overcome their stammers," said Mr Wilton.

"It was a smaller class than usual – as well as Musharaf, there was a 23-year-old girl who started stammering after she had a stroke, and another girl who, while her stammer was reasonably mild, had lost all her confidence.

"She had become very withdrawn, to the point where she wouldn't really leave her house any more, so we wanted to help her."

The documentary was filmed over four days in July.

"I watched the final edit of the documentary, and it was very emotional," Mr Wilton said.

"You could see how hard they had worked in trying to learn and master the techniques, and the difference the support network has made to them.

"It was a privilege for us to be a part of it."

The documentary was commissioned by Channel 4's education editor Bec Milligan, the programme will be produced by Twofour, and executive produced by Andrew Mackenzie and David Clews.

Mr Clews said: "It's a huge privilege to be able to follow Mushy, and others, as they attempt to beat their stammers, hopefully with life changing results."

By Centralsomgaz  |  Posted: August 26, 2014

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