Stutterers Feeling Amazing following Public Speaking

The McGuire Programme speaks to the New Students following their public speech in Bristol - Amazing results after only 3 days. There is no cure for stuttering but see the control...

Simon Bailey doing his Public Speech in Bristol

Listen to the great results on the McGuire Programme.

CLICK HERE    McGuire Programme students speaking after the Public Speaking in Bristol May 2015

17 new students started the Bristol course on the Wednesday evening with plenty of nerves being shown as they are given a brief run down of what to expect during the course.  The Thursday is the day to start building our speech foundation and the physical technques were taught to them by the passionate Course Instructor Simon Bailey and the inspirational coaches/graduates who attended the course to help with their own speech and support the new students.  Sadly one left the course on the Friday, having to return home for family reasons so we were left with 16 new students.  

Friday involves the teaching of the psychological tools and the new students showed their commitment by staying and joining our programme.  The Saturday sessions include 'letting go and having fun speaking' which also includes lots of speech practice and public speaking.  See here some footage of a selection of new students, speaking after facing such a big fear.  The course was organised by the brilliant Michael Joyes who dealt with any concern and made the course run so smoothly.  

Staff Training was also held during the Saturday and Sunday of this course with Clairemarie McGrath, Ashley Guerin and Angie Allbones taking the candidates through lots of tough and rewarding speaking sessions and a written exam so they can become Coaches and Course Instructors.  

The McGuire Programme prides itself on the support network and seeing these candidates in action is a testiment as to why this programme is so successful all around the world.

 What a course and what great results!