Truly Spectacular

This award is designed to recognise individuals or groups whose activities cover a diverse range of projects, people and places and looks at time invested on a regular basis or funds raised, along with the number of years the individual or group has been involved with the organisation.

McGuire Programme instructor and coach, Steve Moses (left) receiving the award.

We all take the ability to speak and communicate effectively for granted – not so Steve Moses. Imagine being in a group of people and being too afraid to open your mouth to speak, despite knowing you have a valuable point to raise? Imagine only ordering food in a restaurant that you can say rather than what you actually want? Imagine having to wait for the petrol pump number at the garage that you can say, rather than use the other vacant one that you can?. Imagine having thoughts of changing your name because you simply cannot say the name you were born with. Stammering effects one per cent of the world’s population. Five years ago, Steve decided to finally face up to the fact that he was a person who stammers and sought help from the British Stammering Association. He was put in touch with The McGuire Programme, which focusses on breathing techniques, self-acceptance, assertiveness and non-avoidance. The way he speaks was transformed and now he is a primary coach and course instructor on the programme and works tirelessly to increase the awareness of stammering, especially within the workplace. He says, “I hope this win helps increase awareness of stammering, but also is a recognition of DHL as a business and the brilliant support they have and continue to give me.”

Steve Moses.