Widnes schoolgirl hopes to become an actress after conquering her stammer

Holly Davies hopes to become an actress after conquering her stammer with the help of The McGuire Programme. She spoke to her local paper - The Runcorn and Widnes World

Holly Davies

A DREAM has come true for a budding young actress.

Widnes schoolgirl Holly Davies, aged 15, feared she would never fulfil her ambition because she had a stammer and struggled to speak.

Now, after attending a unique course, funded by local wellwishers, she can talk fluently and plans to study drama.

Holly’s life has been transformed by the McGuire programme

Holly’s life has been transformed by the McGuire programme, run by people who have all conquered a stutter, including singer Gareth Gates.

They taught her skills and techniques to overcome her speech impediment.

Her dad, Steven, aged 43, of Arley Drive, Hough Green, said: “Holly is doing brilliantly. She had to learn breathing exercises and eventually speak to a huge crowd out in the street.

“When she stood up, it was really emotional. I’ve never cried so much. To hear her speak so boldly was incredible.

“It has made an absolutely huge difference to her life.”

Holly was the only young person with 30 adults on the intensive four-day programme.

Therapeutic coaches worked with them from 7am to 10pm every day.

A spokesman for the McGuire Programme said: “Our programme goes beyond overcoming your stutter. It transforms people into articulate, well spoken people. We don’t just concentrate on the speech, but the person as a whole.”

Steven, who is a professional actor, added: “It was very intense and Holly was exhausted. But it worked instantaneously.

“She still has to keep up with exercises every day but she is much happier.

She is now able to approach people and make friends. She is much more social.

“I had a stammer when I was young. I know what it feels like. It’s a nightmare. Inside, you’re trying to say things but you can’t get it out.

“Holly is very bright and intelligent and writes her own music. She is going to study acting at college. She could now go far with her dream, perhaps even put her story into a film.

“We had great support from the local community. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us to raise £2,000.”

Carole Owen, Holly’s head teacher at Bankfield School, said: “It’s wonderful to see Holly’s development. She is maturing into a confident young lady who is making great progress in her studies. She is a fine example for all of us to follow.”

The school donated £700 towards Holly’s course.

If you would like to apply to join an upcomign course, you can do so using the Online Application.

Original article: Runcorn and Widnes World