Alan Patch - Coach for People Who Stutter
Alan Patch

First Course:
Bournemouth, November 2014

Alan Patch from Brighton has worked hard to control his stutter and is now giving something back and helping others on the McGuire Programme.

As far back as my memory takes me I have experienced trouble talking.  As a child I was always quiet and very shy though the fear of stuttering.  In my late teenage years I started to learn tricks, changing words, avoiding words and avoiding certain social situations.  It was exhausting, it ruled my life until November 2014 when I discovered The McGuire Programme.

The programme has changed everything about the way I approach my stutter.  I no longer live in fear, I no longer avoid and I embrace every speaking opportunity.  I have been interviewed on Radio 4 and BBC Radio London about my stutter, if this had been suggested prior to November 2014 it would have been impossible for me. 

The McGuire Programme helps you take control of your stutter and become an eloquent speaker.  I continually work on my speech and have now a qualified as a  primary coach which allows me to help others with crippling stutters, helping others has been the best gift anyone has given me.