Chantal Anderson

First Course:
Coventry June 2012

I remember being 17 and coming to and from Sixthform everyday, trying not to let it bother me that my phone was the only thing from which I had any meaningful social interaction. I had always had a stammer, but it seemed to be at its worse. Every time I tried to speak no sound would come out. The prospect of living away from home to study at University seemed almost comical. I didn't know what would become of me if I continued this way.

After I joined the programme my life undoubtedly changed for the better. I happily went to University, completed my course and learnt to begin facing my fears head on. I have had customer facing roles where old me would have probably burst into tears at the sheer thought of having to speak to so many people ever, let alone in one day. The McGuire programme has made me approach having a stammer with enthusiasm and I would highly recommend the programme to anyone thinking about joining.

Chantal Anderson