Charishma Nanwani

First Course:
Bournemouth - November 2014

Charishma Nanwani learns how to control her covert stammer and is now a coach on the McGuire Programme.

'Not being able to say what I wanted when I wanted to speak made me feel like I was constantly split into two versions of myself. I would live on two extremes and it was exhausting. Before the course, I had started law school and realising I could no longer stumble and struggle my way through life was the final trigger I needed to push me to do something about my stammer.  


I joined the programme in November 2014 and have not looked back since. The courses have helped me come to terms with my stammer: it is no longer something that defines or controls me. Above all, it made me realise that I am capable of everything I set out to achieve and I now actively seek out challenges to pursue my lifelong ambitions. 


It is exciting to be a coach now and have the opportunity to provide the same support I have received that has been instrumental in helping me get to where I am today.'