Craig Whittaker
Snodland, UK

I joined The Programme In 2008 where I had finally given up on living a life where I was able to speak properly.

I have always hidden in the shadows so to speak in very bad jobs where I could easily never have to speak to someone for days on end. I have always been a talented artist and designer and it would be a dream job but I would always fall short in interviews due to my speech failing me, my stammer once again getting in the way.

The McGuire Programme was actually my wife's idea as she saw a programme on the TV about stammering and contacted Regional Director for UK South, Matt Wilton.

It just happened to be the best decision she ever made. It has changed my life forever. I no longer work in a job where I am hidden, I'm a Design and Development Manager now and a Professional Magician (used to be a hobby, now real life). Without the programme I would never of dreamed of being a performer or being in the job I am in today.

I still have bad days but just step back and walk freedom's road again, it isn't a race, its a battle with yourself.