David Bairstow

First Course:
London August 2011

Hello, my name is David Bairstow, and I live in London. 


I attended my first course in August 2011, at the age of 20 and mid-way through University.  It was a short while after hearing of the McGuire Programme that I decided to attend a course – I was naturally sceptical but curious to see what is was about and if it was for me. 


With hard work, good coaching and a positive attitude, my first course challenged all the beliefs I had about the limitations of my stammer.  From then, and today, with continual hard work I am able to approach potentially difficult speaking situations with the confidence that I am able to speak well and in control.


Before the programme, my stammer would hold me back in social situations and from doing very simple things like answering the phone.  However, since joining the programme, I have been able to make several public speeches and presentations, join committees, and more recently become a coach on the programme.