Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall

First Course:
Newcastle, 2014

The moment before i was about to enter a speaking situation was so terrifying for me, sweaty palms, dry mouth and that horrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach! You will only understand this if you stammer.

So many people don't even think about talking to someone (even someone they love and feel comfortable with) as terrifying but we who stammer think about speaking every moment of the day. Well at least I did! 

Even more so if they were a stranger, meeting them for the first time and them not knowing my awful secret!! 

Thoughts would go through my head like.... How long will it take for me to trip over a word? How long can I get away with substituting words I couldn't say to ones I can? It was so exhausting! 

This all changed when I joined the McGuire Programme in 2014. My goal was to speak in front of 100 of my family and friends at my wedding the same year! I wanted to say my vows to my new husband instead of taking the easy way out by saying "I do". I also wanted to join the course for a new lease of life! I wanted to order the food I wanted in a restaurant and say my name without stammering. It really has changed my life. Without the support of my husband, family and my primary coach it would have been a lot harder!! I have just attended my refresher course and just love it!! When you stick to the new way of breathing and techniques you will go far! I now enjoy phone conversations, speaking to clients at work, love saying my name and most importantly really enjoy talking about my stammer. I couldn't even say the word "stammer" before the course and now I love it. I'm proud to have a stammer because I'm working on my speech and as the days go on I feel stronger and with the tools I have learned I can control my speech. 

If you are struggling with your speech and sick of people finishing your sentences you MUST join the programme. You will meet so many amazing people and have a new lease of life!!