George Oxley

First Course:
Bournemouth October 2015

I stammered since the age of 8 and life was a constant battle. Tricking and avoiding sounds, words and situations all together meant life was difficult. I was constantly frustrated, angry and upset. Why could I not do something a child could? 


Aged 21 I joined the McGuire Programme. I felt like I had stepped from the sofa where my stammer had been holding me all my life into the television to live the life I wanted and become the person I wanted to be and truly am.


Since joining the programme I gained an unbelievable amount of confidence, happiness and my outlook on like is much more positive. 


The programme enabled me to gain a place at Sandhurst to train as an army officer, following commission I hope to train as a Helicopter Pilot, my life long dream I never thought was possible before I joined McGuire.


I am a Coach on the programme which gives me great happiness and pride enabling fellow McGuire graduates achieves their goals.


Completely life changing and 100% the best decision of my life, my only regret is I didn't join the programme sooner!