Hugh Jameson
Hugh Jameson
Cambridge, UK

First Course:
Bournemouth, 2002

I remember being totally overwhelmed on the first day of my first course. I didn't know what to expect. I had been told that this will help me, then again I had been told that speech therapy would help me, and it hadn't, so I really wasn't sure.

My stammer whilst always being a part of my speech was something that I was able to control to a degree by finding various tricks or using words that I knew I could say, and of course avoiding those words which I knew I couldn't.

Being at school at this time, and wanting to fit in, I would try and hide the fact that I had a stammer. English class was a particular issue for me, as I could sense the teacher not wanting to ask me to read the next passage to avoid causing me embarrassment, and when I would be chosen, given a much shorter passage than everyone else in the class.

Safe to say this was a very tough time. 

Before The McGuire Programme I would go into speaking situations thinking: please don't stammer; what if I stammer; will everyone laugh?; I hope I don't stammer. A pit of worry would build up inside me. Guess what? I stammered every time. 

Well as I said, I wasn't sure about the programme at first, but being young and after being gently pushed by my mum (thanks mum!), I dived in. Not to try and make it sound too dramatic, but my eyes were opened.

I learnt a new way to breath, a new way to speak. 

Fast forward a number of years I have found myself in a great job with great friends. I am confident speaking on the phone, and interacting with colleagues within the office.

I couldn't be more thankful to The McGuire Programme and all the amazing coaches for all their effort, help and support.