James Caplan

First Course:
London February 2015

James had a covert stutter and has worked really hard to change his mindset by using the non-avoidance techniques and sports mentality on the McGuire Programme.


I had for many years tried to hide my stammer and devised numerous and often bizarre tricks. Over time these began to fail and started to avoid many situations which was effecting both my family and business life. I was waking up every day with anxiety with the first thought being, can I hide my stammer.

Immediately after my first course I embraced both the physical and psychological mentality and am now pushing out of my comfort zone, such as radio & newspaper interviews. Less than a year ago this would never have been possible and is thanks in part to hard work, but also the amazing support of the McGuire programme, which has allowed me to release the self imposed shackles of having a stammer. Never again will I let my stammer hold me back. 

I have now qualified as a primary coach and look forward to giving back to others as much as the program has given me.

James Caplan

Bushey, Hertfordshire