James Tennant
James Tennant
Leeds, UK

First Course:
Newcastle, 2012

The McGuire Programme has enabled me to gain control over my speech I never thought I would achieve. 

I've stammered severely since the age of 4, and previously therapies were never sustainable. I then found this programme in 2012, and everything began to change. 

I no longer have to be afraid of speaking situations, and whilst it is hard work, you can reap the rewards if you stick at it. I went from being overt and afraid to controlled - able to say the words I want to say without the fear of speaking. 

I'm proud to say I've done four newspaper articles, two radio interviews and I'm now privileged and honoured to be a Certified Primary Coach, in a position to help other people. It's brilliant to give something back! 

Your stammer does not define you. Something can be done.