Jasbir Norris

First Course:
London August 2015

I joined the McGuire Programme in August 2015. Before the course, I was a very overt stammerer - I would push through any tension that I felt when speaking, resulting in very obvious blocks and physical tricks in my attempt to get the words out. This was affecting all aspects of my life - with family, in social situation with new people and at work. I went on a number of speech therapy courses, which helped in the short term but I soon relapsed back to my old ways.

After leaving university and starting full time work, I decided that something really needed to change. I did some research online and discovered the McGuire Programme. What really appealed to me was that the course is run by stammerers for stammerers. Everyone is in the same boat and knows exactly what you are going through.

I went on my first course in August 2015 and have not looked back. The Programme demands a lot of continued hard work, however the benefits are there for all to see. I have been able to gain control of my speech and continue to really progress in those areas which had formerly held me back.