John Dean
John Dean

First Course:
Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2015

My life before the McGuire Programme was really hard.

I wouldn't put my hand up in lessons, I'd avoid talking in front of the whole class when doing presentations infront of the class and when I thought I'd ever have to do one I'd panic and ask other people to speak instead of me, I'd avoid asking for things in shops aswell and I'd phoning people especially strangers.

When I signed up to do the McGuire Programme I didn't know how it was going to turn and when I joined in March 2015 in Newcastle I had a cough which made it harder for me but it didn't stop me doing aswell as all the other new students did. 

Now I go on other courses and it is amazing watching other people that were as shy as I was and achieve what I have achieved. 

I also go to support group in Middlesbrough every 2 weeks, we all take turns of running it and it really helps.