Lee Misciali
Kettering, Northants

First Course:
Bristol May 2015

From a young boy aged approximately 5 I developed a stutter, initially there was no issue but as time progressed going to Senior school having to read & other speaking situation’s this was a huge problem, then leaving school to the working environment the added pressure was immense. I found every excuse not to make phone calls or to talk as less as possible, but I some came unstuck. This made me an angry person taking my frustration out on everyone close to  me.

I then found the McGuire Programme by luck & plucked up the courage to contact then by email of course, I have now been on the programme since May 2015 and have never looked back, I no longer avoid speaking situation’s and say exactly what I want & when I want.

I have recently became a Primary Coach to help others with their stutter as so many coaches on the Programme helped me get to where I am now.