Mikey Hay
Michael Hay
London (originally Glasgow)

First Course:
Durham, August 2000

It's hard to put into words what I have gained from the McGuire Programme.

  • You could say that I can now say what I WANT to say instead of what I think I CAN say.
  • You could say that I now answer the phone rather than pretending that I can't hear it.
  • You could say that I don't now get sweaty palms whenever someone walks near me in case they ask me a question
  • You could say that I am now close friends with many other recovering stutterers whereas before I never even knew another severe stutterer

You could say all of the above and they would all be true.

The main thing, however, that I believe I have gained since joining the McGuire Programme is the confidence to know that I CAN NOW HANDLE ANYTHING.

I dont need to avoid situations, avoid words, or avoid people any more. I know that I can now enter any situation and be able to cope.

I now do not look at my speech as something that gets in the way of things that I want to do. Instead I look at my speech as a sport that I want to get good at and any speaking situation is an opportunity to hone my new skills.

When I look back on the incredible amount of negativity I used to associate with the smallest speaking tasks I am now amazed that I now gain so much positivity and enjoyment from speaking.

I have done public speeches, newspaper interviews, television interviews, live TV interviews and I am now an instructor on the Programme helping other people to recover from their stutters. 

To me this is mindblowing.

The McGuire Programme is not a miracle cure. It will only help people who want to help themselves and are willing to earn freedom from stuttering. It was what Iwas looking for, I grasped the opportunity with both hands and I'm not looking back!