Ranjit Vashi

First Course:
Bournemouth November 2007

I have suffered with a stammer from childhood. Throughout my life I have encountered a variety of difficult situations as a result, from speaking up in class when I knew the answer, asking for a round of drinks in a bar or club, asking a girl out on a date and socialising / making new friends.


I tried speech therapy, hypnotherapy and even went to the extent of changing my diet. Hypnotherapy worked for a short length of time, but then the stammer returned. I was running out of options.


I saw a documentary about a device placed inside the ear, similar to a hearing aid but at the time it was only available in the USA. I was very intrigued and with desperation in mind was keen to try it myself. After speaking to a work colleague about the device I realised I would be relying on it for the rest of my life without out any real solution. My colleague had seen a documentary about The McGuire Programme on TV and suggested I seriously consider going before trying anything else.


With slight apprehension I attended the McGuire Programme in late 2007 in Bournemouth. I quickly realised the course was very hard work, to the extent I was about to quit on the second day but I managed to see the course through and continued attending further courses over the years. I am delighted with the progress I have made since then. It has not been easy but if you put the effort in the rewards are endless. Now I am able to control my speech instead of my speech having control over me. I’m confident and can achieve any goals that I set for myself thanks to The McGuire Programme. I regularly attend and help to run the Midland's support group.


I passed my Primary Coach exam in June 2016 and I am now able to share my knowledge and experience to help others with their stammer.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to The McGuire Programme.