Get to know the Programme.

We hold regular Open Days so people can find out more about the Programme and meet some of the graduates who have already joined up. These events are free and open to all - friends and family too.

We also regularly run Refresher Days for our graduates to return and work on their speech. This is central part of our support network to help you with your speech after your first course has ended.

Note: you must already be a Graduate of the Programme to attend Refresher Days. Apply Today.

All Upcoming Courses Worldwide
Date Location Venue

261 Waterloo Street #04-03 Waterloo Centre, S180261


Instructor: Phil Jeffrey from ANZ Region.

Graduate Weekend (members only)
Essen, Germany (GER)

New Student Refresher Day (Members Only) - Saturday April 06. 2019: 10:00h to 18:00h

New Student Refresher Day (members only)
Dublin, Ireland

Wynns Hotel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

New Student Refresher Day (members only)
The Hague, The Netherlands (NL)

Challenging Weekend For Graduates in The Hague (ENG)

Spui 180, MERCURE DEN HAAG CENTRAL Spui 180 2511 BW , Den Haag, Netherlands
Graduate Weekend (members only)
Bristol Open Day

Futures Inn, Bond St, Bristol BS1 3EN.

This event will be for anyone interested in finding out more about the McGuire Programme.

Time: 1.30pm - Please feel free to turn but it would be good to know if you are planning to attend, so we have an idea of numbers.  Thank you.



Open Day