Another Weekend for People Who Stutter in Las Vegas

The McGuire Programme held its latest US course in Las Vegas and gave hope to more stutterers

McGuire  Programme in Las Vegas June 2015

Stutterers face their fear of speaking and are supported by other stutterers.

Las Vegas was home the most recent US McGuire Course and once again we broke the Vegas rule “What Happens In Vegas  Stays In Vegas”  - we very much hope that "What Happened in Vegas this weekend DOES NOT stay in Vegas".

We had a mix of overt and covert  new students, all of them realize that there is no cure for stuttering and that The McGuire Programme offers the best technique to help people overcome / control their stutter.  Overt stutterers are those who cannot hide the fact that they have a stutter – covert stutterers can hide their stutter to a certain degree by using tricks and avoidance BUT they all  have the same fear of stuttering and the sense of humiliation, shame, guilt and isolation.  Our aim is that all of them leave the course knowing who they are and being open and honest about their stutter BUT showing people that they are doing something about it and that they are well on the road to becoming articulate eloquent speakers.

Some describe it as the last chance saloon for people who stutter.  Many members came back for a refresher course and to help out the new students.  By helping out the new students it helps brig them to the next level.  New students all described the experience as the best weekend in their lives and an unbelievable experience.

All new students showed incredible courage and left the course with a new group of McGuire Friends and joined the:

Biggest Support Network For People Who Stutter In The World.

Next course in Las Vegas will be from November 4-7, 2015.