Beyond Stuttering Course In Washington DC

The McGuire Program Washington DC course April 2015. This was another multicultural course, its easy to see why the McGuire Programme Beyond Stuttering is the worlds GO TO place for people who stutter.

Team DC Derek Bowler, Maria McGrath and Dave McGuire

Beyond Stuttering Washington DC April 2015

Derek Bowler, Maria McGrath and founder Dave McGuire.

Beyond Stuttering Course In Washington DC April 2015

On April 15, 2015 a group of brave people arrived in Washington DC  to do something about their stutter.  Some people were new, some coming back for a refresher, some who have crashed and burned, some coming for a boost and some coming simply to help the new students along their journey to eloquent speech. All of us together makes this programme work.

We don’t promote this as a “cure for stuttering” (which means no time and effort would  be required to hold onto gains). 

However, even though I explained to all the new students before attending that this course is hard work and requires courage and perseverance to get control of their stutter, I can always see a glimmer of hope in the new students that they will leave and not have to worry again about stuttering.  Some will learn this on the course but some will have to learn the hard way.

As the programme is transparent, all new students have until Friday morning to decide if the program is for them and also if they are for the program.  All new students signed up on Friday and were excited about the rest of the weekend, and becoming a lifetime member of the program. 

As usual with our US courses we had a group of people from all different origins - Turkey, Ireland, England, Japan, Czech Republic,  India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Canada and America.  They ranged from job seekers from to students to Marketing Managers to Tax Consultants BUT the common denominator that brought everyone to the small room in DC was the desire to tackle their stutter and become better speakers.  Everybody helped each other and everyone got along.  Our programme, Beyond Stuttering transcends cultures, race, religion, gender and IQ.  It is truly unique.

Team DC 2015 was made up of Derek Bowler our course Instructor from the UK, myself (Maria McGrath the US Regional Director originally from Ireland) and we were very lucky to have the founder of the McGuire Programme, Dave McGuire in attendance.  His passion for this programme still shines through 20 years on.

Our next US and Canadian courses are as follows:

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Las Vegas Nov 4-7, 2015   This is a combination of course and Staff Training. Click here for more information and click here to register.


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Maria McGrath