Conquering Our Stuttering in Washington, DC

Stutterers from around the world came to Washington, DC, to learn to overcome their stutters!

More than 20 people who stutter came to Washington, DC, to conquer their fears of speaking and to learn to overcome their stutters.  Five new McGP members joined more than 15 current graduates and members who leveraged their lifetime support memberships to continue in their own journeys, while helping other stutterers also.

Our new students ranged in age from 15 to 42, and all of them showed the desire - and the work ethic to back it up - to take on an entirely new "speaking personality" in just three days.  Following the course, all five new students were assigned two personal coaches each.  The new members speak with many coaches on a daily basis to learn how to implement these techniques and to speak eloquently in the real world.  Said one new student:

The support given by all of my McGP coaches is incredible. If I need 20 minutes of support one day, they give 20 minutes. If I need 40 minutes, they give me 40 minutes, no questions asked. They honestly care about me and my success!

Our returning graduates continued to move forward as well, challenging themselves with new graduate sessions designed to help and support them as they push out their comfort zones and learn to speak more articulately while at work, giving speeches, and in social settings.

Since everyone at the McGuire Programme is also a stutterer, we all have a deep understanding of what it means to stutter.  And more importantly, we've made massive progress with our own speech, and truly enjoy helping others to overcome their stuttering also.  This unique characteristic of the McGP was on display in DC, with people from many US states and five different countries attending.

Congratulations to everyone who attended and made such strides with their speech - can't wait to speak with you in our many support groups, coaching sessions, and at future courses!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

WE'RE GROWING!  Come be a part of our growing programme in the United States and Canada and learn to overcome your stutter as well!  Join us at an upcoming course in Chicago (May 16-19); Toronto (July 25-28); or Las Vegas (November 14-17)!  Seats are filling up, so APPLY TODAY!