Getting Control Of Your Stutter in Washington DC

The McGuire Program held its annual course in Washington DC where people who stutter attended and wanted to do something about it.

All Smiles as Stutterers face their fear of Public Speaking

All Smiles As Stutterers Face Their Fear Of Public Speaking.

The McGuire Programme held its annual east coast course in Washington DC from July 16-19, 2014. We had a wide variety of people who stutter who originated from Canada, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Russia, India, Trinidad, Peru and the US and to top it off it was organized and instructed by an Irish and English gal.  It was a truly international course.

We had a mixture of overt and covert stutterers but each person was there because of the demons that stuttering caused them deep inside.  As usual on Wednesday evening all new students felt nervous, skeptical and scared yet excited at the prospect of finally getting control of their stuttering.  They were informed before attending that this course would be like no other and it would require hard work, courage and perseverance. By the end of the course they all showed huge courage and agreed that it was indeed hard work.

Many members of the program came back to help both the new students and themselves, by getting back to basics and working hard.  We heard over and over again how much the old members got out of helping the new students. 

This is one of the unique aspects of the program together with the fact that everyone on the program has been through the program and we all know the feeling and emotions associated with stuttering.

It was a fantastic course overall and huge congratulations to all who attended and managed to speak to well over 4,500 people of Washington over the weekend.