International Stuttering Program Members Meet in Las Vegas

We had another wonderful gathering of people who stutter from the Middle East, UK, Ireland, Canada Mexico and the US attend a very successful stuttering course in Las Vegas.

Team Las Vegas Nov 2015 - Go Beyond Stuttering

Team Las Vegas Nov 2015 - Go Beyond Stuttering

As I walked into the reception area of the Hampton Inn on Tuesday evening I was pleasantly surprised to see three members of the programme sitting at a table talking to each other.  

This may be an ordinary scene for most organizations but what made this extraordinary is each one has a stutter, each one came from a different country (UAE, Mexico and Canada), each one spoke English as a second language and each one would avoid speaking to strangers prior to joining the McGuire Programme.  Within a few minutes another member from California joined them. 

This scene, for me, encompasses the international spirit of The Worlds Go To Place For People Who Stutter.

Every course is special, especially for the new members.  Here are a few things that helped make this course extra special. 

We had in integrated course and staff training going on;

we had Clairemarie McGrath from the Irish and UK regions as our wonderful instructor;

we had Brian Sellers from the US programme being interned as a course instructor;

we had Ashley Guerin, a staff trainer from the UK drilling in the lines, helping out with the staff training candidates and running some split sessions;

we had our first US friends and family session facilitated over Skype by Brian and Heather Sellers;

we had Ron Evans, one of the original members of the programme who joined 21 years ago return and express how the programme changed his life;

we had Bill Wade a McGuire member since 2009 and NSA Keynote Speaker in 2012 attend the programme, work in the lines and give an inspirational speech that showed how eloquent and articlulate we can be while using good technique;

we had the oldest members of the US programme Jim Nott attend and

we had Dave McGuire, the founder, attend for most of the programme and his passion for helping people who stutter was obvious to everyone.

Every member of the team worked extremely hard on their own stutter and helping the new students and the returning members and this is one of the things that makes this programme totally unique. 

We will have the schedule for the 2016 courses soon.

Keep moving forward :-)

Maria McGrath.