Night of Inspiration

Dream comes true as Dr. Sancheti defends his dissertation in full control of his speech and not a stutter in sight.

Overcomng his fear of public speaking.

I was privileged on Monday afternoon to attend the doctoral dissertation defense given by Harsh Sancheti as fulfillment of his being awarded a PhD.  
Four other McGuire Grads in the Los Angeles area were also able to attend.

This took place at the USC School of Pharmacology in Los Angeles.   Harsh was in full control throughout a long and highly technical presentation to his Doctoral committee, comprised of very distinguished professionals in his field of scientific research.
There were many other USC students and professors in attendance for what constituted a full house in the room where the event took place.

After the 45 minute presentation in which Dr. Sancheti had to explain and defend his investigation of Lipoic Acid in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's Disease in mice, he had to field some difficult and probing questions from the committee and other students present.

To say this was a triumph is an understatement. 

No one in that room could've guessed they were listening to a person who stutters.  Harsh demonstrated full use of costal breathing, pausing and maintaining eye contact with his audience at all times.

Maria McGrath made the trek to Los Angeles and I'm sure she appreciated Harsh's grateful "shout-out" to the McGuire Programme at the conclusion of his oral presentation, which also consisted of numerous PowerPoint visuals, graphs and complex statistical analyses.

Bravos and Cheers to Harsh are called for by everyone.  He richly deserves our respect and admiration.

By Jeff Klayman

Harsh joined the McGuire Program in January 2012 to beat his stutter and is now a qualified coach.