Overcoming Our Stuttering in Las Vegas!

25 inspiring people descended on Las Vegas to work together to overcome their stuttering with the McGuire Programme.

Stutterers Attend McGuire Programme Course in Las Vegas to Learn to Overcome their Stuttering

Three new McGuire Programme students joined more than 20 returning McGP members in Las Vegas, NV, from November 8-11, 2017, to learn how to overcome their stuttering and to speak more eloquently.

One of the most incredible things about the McGuire Programme is the lifetime support that each member receives, and how that allows members to continue to grow over time - and to help new members along the way.  And the new students truly appreciate the help from other people who stutter.  Said one new student who just joined the McGP in the Las Vegas course:

When I came here on Wednesday, I was embarrassed about my speech.  But right now, that fear is gone!

As is typical for McGuire Programme courses, the Las Vegas gathering was an international affair, with attendees coming from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Grenada, Ireland, and even as far as Sweden!  It's always great to see McGP members from different cultures come together to help each other along our shared journeys to more eloquent speech.

Sharon Gavillet, a McGP member for seven years and our Course Instructor, combined her impeccable speaking skills, deep compassion, and kind-yet-strong discipline to do a masterful job leading the course.

This course was so much FUN! We all helped each other to continue to move forward, and improved our ability to speak articulately and eloquently.

Congratulations to everyone!  Thanks, as always, go to the coaches and graduates, all of whom made this such a special course - and of course to the new students for their courage, hard work, and perseverance throughout the weekend!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

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