Showing Chicago How to Overcome Our Stuttering!

The McGuire Programme's first course in the Midwest was a huge success! Chicago proved to be a great venue for 20 people who stutter to learn to overcome their stuttering...

As Chicago welcomed the McGuire Programme to the US Midwest, we were thrilled to welcome four new members to the McGuire Programme .  These four were joined by 14 returning McGP graduates, who all came back as part of their lifetime support membership to both continue to help themselves, and to help the new members to start down their paths to speaking eloquently.  Said one new member about the difference the weekend made for him:

I've never said my name and my address without stuttering before... Until tonight!

Like so many McGP courses, the Chicago gathering was truly international.  Members from multiple nations and backgrounds attended, all with the same goal of helping each other to speak articulately and to push past their fears.  Even our course instructor came from overseas, as Matthew Richardson led a great course with his experience, sense of humor, and desire to help others.

The McGuire Programme focuses on how to overcome both the physical and psychological aspects of a lifetime of stuttering, and Chicago was a fantastic city in which to learn and practice our techniques.

Congratulations to everyone who attended and gave such incredible effort over the entire weekend.  Special thanks goes to the coaches and graduates who made the course so special.  It's always incredible how McGP members come together to help each other overcome their stuttering.  The success that all four new members are enjoying is directly attributable to the graduates, their hard work, and the great example and support they gave!

     -Brian Sellers, McGP Regional Director, USA & Canada

And... Our next course is coming up in less than two months in Toronto, Ontario!  Come up to Canada with us and beat the heat July 25-28, 2018 - and learn to begin to overcome your stutter as well!  APPLY TODAY for that course - enjoy early enrollment discounts until June 25, 2018.  This is a popular course, and seats are already starting to fill up!