Taking on Toronto to Control Our Stuttering!

31 new and current McGuire Programme members descended on Toronto to face their stutters and continue to learn how to better control their speech!

New McGuire Programme Members Tackle Their Stutters in Toronto

August 12, 2016 - These 10 stutterers joined the McGuire Programme in Toronto to face their fears and learn to speak with more control and eloquence.

August 10-13, 2016 - Toronto, ON, Canada

31 new and current McGuire Programme members descended on Toronto to face their stutters and continue to learn how to better control their speech.  2016's Team Toronto was made up of 10 new members, 19 coaches and graduates, and three course instructors.  We had a truly international crew, with members coming from Canada, the United States, Norway, Ireland, and Saudi Arabia.

The graduates, coaches, and instructors Chris Cooksey and Ken Bevers did a fantastic job guiding the new members and showing them that they truly can achieve more in three days than they ever thought possible - all while pushing each other to continue to learn and grow in their own journeys toward more eloquent speech as well.  And the new members showed dedication, resilience, and courage in confronting some of their biggest fears, and learning that they can, in fact, control their speech.

It's always amazing to see the transformation that occurs at McGP courses, from both new members and graduates alike.  As stutterers, our names are often some of the hardest things for us to say.  That's part of what makes it so wonderful to see new members, some of whom who can hardly say their names when they arrive Wednesday night, introducing themselves to perfect strangers and speaking articulately and with control by Saturday evening.

One new member, upon going home on Sunday, recounted how rather than just pointing to it on a menu, he ordered his own meal in a restaurant for the first time.  When asked how that felt, his one-word reply said it all:  "Amazing.

Many of our McGP graduates worked hard and stepped outside their comfort zones to challenge themselves as well.  One such graduate, Thurstan Berkeley, was even asked to be interviewed in the public Dundas Square by a local TV news reporter!  Thurstan spoke about the McGuire Programme and his growth along his road to controlling his stutter.  View the interview here!

Longtime McGP members know that the journey to articulate eloquence is a never-ending trek of continual learning, achievement, and self-discovery.

And the wonderful thing about the McGuire Programme is that our lifetime membership and worldwide network ensures that no stutterer has to travel that path to consistent control alone.

For the 2016 Toronto grads and new members alike, this course was a significant group step toward those very personal goals, and I was honored to be able to witness and take part in it.

       Brian Sellers
       McGuire Programme Regional Director, US East & Canada

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