Dinko Trlin - Primary Coach  -Toronto
Dinko Trlin
Toronto, Canada

First Course:
November 2013

Dinko Trlin coach on The McGuire Programme.


Struggling with a stutter from the age of 5, has been a tough 25 years. Avoiding social situations, getting humiliated, embarrassed and being ashamed, over and over, has been my life story.

My career and future vision had no hope. Having very little success with many other speech-therapy programs, I knew that giving up is not an option.

Finding out about and taking the McGuire programme, in November 2013, has been the best choice I’ve ever made.

Ongoing practice with McGuire physical and mental techniques has given me control over my speech and has changed my life, literally. I’ve stopped avoiding social situations, but instead I am constantly seeking out new ones. My life outlook is brighter than ever before.

Taking the next step and becoming a primary coach, is a way for me to give back. I want all others who are dealing with stuttering, to know that there is good and long-lasting help available. There is no reason not to give it an honest try and see how it will transform you and your life forever!

Dinko Trlin