Mark Perlik Beyond Stuttering Coach
Mark Perlik
San Francisco, CA

First Course:
April 2013

Mark Perlik joined the McGuire Programme looking for help for his Stutter in 2013. It has changed his life - he is not cured of stuttering BUT he now has fun speaking.

I stuttered quite severely for about 33 years.  In 2013, I first attended the McGuire Programme.  I have tried many other stuttering therapies from the time I was in elementary school and this is the only thing that has made a substantial, lasting improvement. 

It has changed my life. 

My achievements in the past year include joining Toastmasters and I started working as a waiter at the restaurant where I've worked in a less speech intensive position for almost 20 years because of my stutter. 

It takes perseverance, discipline, and courage, and it does work.​ ​​ 

It is not a cure, but has given me much more control and has made me an infinitely better speaker. 

I’m more able to show the world more of who I really am and connect with people and have more fun speaking than ever before, all thanks to the McGuire Programme.  I am so grateful!