Hello, I'm Maria.

I’m here to guide you through the process of joining the programme and to answer any questions.

Let’s talk! There are a number of ways for us to connect & all details are listed below. 

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You've gotten this far, so I presume you stutter or you know someone who stutters and you are looking for help?

If you really want to work on your stutter and become a strong eloquent communicator, then I can help and support you in going beyond stuttering.

If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

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Maria McGrath is my name
I am your local representative for USA & Canada

I was amazed at the results and felt like a new person.

Membership Fee

Once off payment
$ 2,495 USD One Time Payment (if enrolled 2 MONTHS BEFORE COURSE)
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Upcoming intensive courses in the USA & Canada

22 Jun.
- 24 Jun.
IN-PERSON COURSE CALIFORNIA. Want To Do Something About Your Stutter ?

Course Instructor

19 Oct.
- 21 Oct.
IN-PERSON COURSE Overcome Your Stutter in Washington DC

Course Instructor


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Kaushik Valluri

Regional Director, Course Instructor, Coach


Maria McGrath

Regional Director, Trainer, Course Instructor, Coach, Member

United States & Canada

Ken Bevers

Coach, Member

United States & Canada

Brian Sellers

Trainer, Course Instructor, Coach, Member

United States & Canada

Scott Hart


United States & Canada

FAQ about The McGuire Programme in the USA & Canada

Do you have questions about the McGuire Programme in the USA & Canada?

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