Course report May 2016 course Almere, The Netherlands

The course was held in a beautiful hotel in de centre of Almere (in the middle of the Netherlands). We had 13 NS (8 coverts and 5 overts). They were accompanied by about 95 grads and coaches for almost 4 days to work hard to learn how to control their stammers and deal with the part under the big iceberg.

We had 4 nationalities represented in Almere: Dutch, Belgium, English and Norwegian.

There where 3 female and 10 male NS. All of them completed the course.


The course began Wednesday evening with the first-day video's. One NS refused to make a phone call and one NS started to advertise for the McGP immediately (his daughter followed to previous course).

On physical Thursday we went through the basics of the diaphragm, blocking, physical weapons, checklist, laws and directions. They all worked very hard and disciplined.

We were able to pull our NS out of the lines when necessary and as much as possible to gave some intensive one-on-one coaching, which was very helpful.

For me it was very important to give our grads as much additional opportunities, split sessions, and attention as possible to ensure that everyone in the class got a lot out of the course. Later in the afternoon on Thursday I gave them the opportunity to stand up and gave a good example of the technique asked for so all the NS, coaches and grads could repeat that in the lines.

At the end of this long day all the NS where able to say their names, addresses and phone number by using great costal breathing and techniques.


Mental Friday started with warming up and using kinaesthetic. Some NS had trouble with timing and tempo. This helped them improving.

After breakfast we started with the importance of DD as a mentality. On Thursday I had mentioned some things like "show who you are, be kind for your self etc". This seemed to help by embracing the mentality. It didn't felt out of the blue. Most of the NS started directly with using a lot of techniques.

Coaches and grads and coaches took to the centre of Almere to do the contacts and show our NS that it is possible to use DD while talking to 100+ strangers.

After diner we had a the phone call session. The NS where very proud and happy that they where able to make a phone call.


After warming up with the keep it costal app and breakfast it was time for Harrison workshops. With almost 80 people in the room their was a lot of noise and laughter.

Then it was time for the NS to make their 100+ contacts and their public speech. It all went great.

Later the evening they all gave impassioned speeches for their family and friends. Almost everyone had to pull out their handkerchief!

THANKS to all the NS, grads and coaches!!!!!!

Mariëlle Hali