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Rishabh Panchamia

I completely owe my transformation to the amazing McGuire Programme. It’s unreal.
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When I was 20 years old myself and my father drove to meet a snooker match referee. We were planning to rent or buy a snooker table for me to practice playing snooker. When we met the referee he asked my most dreaded thing, he asked for ‘MY NAME’.

I was completely frozen with fear & had to escape that feeling, so I made an excuse, pretending that I just got an urgent call to answer and left. My father had to say my name for me.

When my father and I returned back to the car, I heard my father making lots of phone calls & he spoke with real confidence. This made me feel really depressed. After my father finished making the calls, I said to him, “Dad, never in my life I would dare to speak on the phone as you do, so how can I handle work, what about getting a job, what would happen?”. This was one of the scariest moments of my life, that there was no future for me. But how life can change in just 4 days. My life.

My name is Rishabh Panchamia & I did my first McGuire Programme course in June 2016

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And by March 2019 I started my own retail business, a grocery store called ” The Organic Culture”. For me, this has been an extremely exciting journey so far. Many ups & many downs, but I’m loving this new experience.

Due to COVID-19, with very few staff members at my work, means my phone rings continuously. Added to this, there are loads of speaking situations every day. Some days I falter with my speech especially if I don’t practice, but it’s fine because I know now that I would never have reached where I am now if it wasn’t for the McGuire Programme.

I completely owe my transformation to the amazing McGuire Programme. It’s unreal.

A few weeks back my father came up to me & said, “Do you remember what you had said to me in the car?” And I smiled!

I owe huge gratitude to Kaushik (Ed: Regional Director India) for his phone call that pushed me to join the programme. 

Thank you, everyone!

Bye for now, Rishabh Panchamia

I completely owe my transformation to the amazing McGuire Programme. It's unreal.

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Rishabh Panchamia



First Course

June 2016

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