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Cem Dik

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Cem Dik

Now I have full self-confidence, full control of my speech and full belief that I can do it. I see every single moment as a speaking opportunity, every person as a contact to improve my eloquence, every phone call to practice my techniques to expand my comfort zones. Now is the time for me!!

Dear Cem,

I am writing this letter to introduce yourself (myself) to you (me). J

During your entire life, you have been always called as a naughty and smart boy. Based on the information from your mom, you have started speaking before your 1st age and were making long sentences like adults which was surprising for the others. Then suddenly at your age of 3, you started having struggle and distortion on your speaking situations. Nobody knows what happened, but it just happened. Your parents were shocked and took you to several therapists to find a solution for this problem. As it becomes more concern for your parents, you started to distress it more and try to find some tricks to avoid these situations.

Tricks such as pretending that you do not know what the answer is, replacing the word with another, avoiding from the crowds, using short / funny words or sentences to be accepted by the groups you have entered, staying safe in your comfort zones surrounded by your family and friends and do not step out, pretending as you are a “fluent” speaker who is not so much talkative.

Well it did work well, or at least you think it worked. But believe me my friend, it did not. You were never able to express your thoughts or emotions as you desire, you were always hiding yourself inside the society, you were afraid of important meetings and interviews, you were bored to order the same food at the restaurant because you could say its name, you were ashamed of seeing people avert the eyes or laugh reflexively when they realize your speech disorder, you were angry to see the gap of “who you are and who you want to be” getting bigger and bigger each day.

And one day in 2015, you, a 38 years old experienced tricky fluent speaker role player, decided to attend a course called McGuire Programme.  This was while you were in despair thinking that no one can help you about your stutter but you just wanted to give a last shot. The shot of your life…

The McGuire Programme… A programme, or rather call it a family, which is created by Dave McGuire and consists of many grads of different ages and nationalities all over the world but all stutterers. A programme which changed your life forever. A programme which let you to gain your self-confidence and walk on the path to become the person who you want to be.

Now you have full self-confidence, full control of your speech and full belief that you can do it. You see every single moment as a speaking opportunity, every person as a contact to improve your eloquency, every phone call to practice your techniques to expand your comfort zones. Now is the time my firend!

I know you love your family and happy to be a member of this great community.

Bye for now Cem. Keep us updated about yourself.

P.S. Looking forward to see you on a course in Turkey which will be available from September 2016.

e: t: +90 5326781211 skype: cem.dik

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Cem Dik


Cem Dik



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