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Martin Fonck Santiago, Chile

"If you want to build a castle, fall in love with every brick." Mario Luna

I started to stutter since I can remember, it has always made me feel bad and prayed as a child; my family is Catholic so the next day I would wake up speaking “well”. I always assumed that I would be a shadow of what I can be, of my best version.

All my life; except a couple of years ago, I lived with a lot of anger, impotence and frustration. The last two visit me to this day but are already much more controlled thanks to McGuire. I always thought that being a person who stutters I would be less than other people and to this day I am still fighting against that belief, I have advanced a lot thanks to this great family and I still have much to move forward!

In my process, I went to several neurologists, phonoaudiologists, psycho-pedagogues, psychiatrists, psychologists and even a spiritual guide. The last two were the ones that helped me the most before knowing the course. I spent a lot of time taking pills to control the anguish that caused me not to express myself as I wanted, I went from bad to worse.

My psychologist, who has been with me for the last 7 years, helped me a lot to leave them and to plant that seed of self-acceptance that thanks to the course continue to flourish.

I knew about the course thanks to a great friend, Juan Pablo Villagra. He has been an example to follow as well as Lilia Uc and Alfredo González. They are key people in my process apart from my family.

McGuire changed my life. I am excited to write this since it is something I never thought could be real and now as a graduate, I’ve taken 3 courses. To be able to support and help new kids goes beyond stuttering if I have not grown anyway and has many directions. I will always be grateful for life to put this program on my path.

I would like to end with a phrase from a Spanish author that I greatly admire.

“If you want to build a castle, fall in love with every brick.” Mario Luna

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Martin Fonck


Latin America

First Course

July 2018

Join us to defeat your stutter.

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