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Richard Hopkins-Smith

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McGuire Region: United Kingdom
Richard Hopkins-Smith Huntington, Suffolk

My speech is strong gaining good control.

For 35 years I had stuttered and struggled to say one word let alone a whole sentence. 

I first saw a speech therapist at the tender age of two.

Over the years I have seen four speech therapists, seen a hypnotherapist once a week for a year, meditation with yoga classes. Attended speech support groups and read many books on the subject, but nothing seemed to work for me.

I always made a joke about my speech with other people, mainly to relax the person I was talking to, even if it was at my own expense of taking the mick out of myself.

Ever since my first McGuire Programme course in Wembley in February 2015, I have worked hard on my speech doing everything that was asked of me.

As a result, my speech is strong gaining good control and enjoy coaching people on their journey.

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Richard Hopkins-Smith Huntington, Suffolk


Richard Hopkins-Smith


United Kingdom

First Course

Wembley February 2015

Join us to defeat your stutter.

Change your perspective on how you live your life.

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